Custom Made Suits Canberra

Custom Made to Measure Suits

Custom made suits for all occasions.  Business suits, formal wear, wedding suits.

Tailor Made Suits your own style

The styling options for your own custom, made-to-measure suit are endless. The range of customisable options includes, but is not limited to:

  • Style of buttons
  • Select fabric for the linings of your suit.
  • Lining construction
  • Canvasing – Half canvased or fully canvased
  • Lapels – Peak lapel, notch lapel, shawl lapel
  • Pocketing – patch pockets, slit pockets, ticket pocket, flap pocket
  • Finishing – pick stitching, Milanese lapel hole, functional sleeve buttons
  • Waist band – Belt loops, belt-less, functional hip tabs
  • Hem – Plain finished, Cuff finish

Custom Made to Measure Suits. What’s so special? Why the hype?

Custom made suits and tailored menswear are the most effective way to perfectly encapsulate your own personal style, fit and presentation. An off the rack suit, is a quick easy solution to your corporate or formal needs. But as we all know, human beings do not need a one size fits all ready-made approach.

Made to Measure = Made to Fit

Taking the time to perfectly measure each aspect of your new suit allows for extreme comfort. This will improve your overall experience wearing your garment, as well as increasing the longevity of your garments. Allowing room where your body needs it will reduced the stress, friction and tension on the fabric. Where it can be allowed, the fit can also be flush and trim. This combination will produce a premium hybrid of function and form for your suit.

Cloth and Fabric used in our Cygnet, Custom Tailor Made Suits

Ranging from traditional heavy English flannelsJapanese Linen, high twist Patagonian wool to Superfine European cloth. Our expert tailor, Christopher Powell will be sure to guide you to whatever composition will provide you with the perfect finish and drape.

Cygnet Custom Made to Measure Suits Canberra


Iconic international flagship fabrics  sourced from the very best fabric mills in the world.

Holland & Sherry

Holland & Sherry

Holland & Sherry began as merchants at 10 Old Bond StreetLondon, specialising in wool and silk cloths. In 1886, Holland & Sherry moved premises to Golden Square, at the time the epi-center of the wool merchanting trade. By 1900 the firm was exporting to many countries, it was around that time a sales office was established in New York. In the early part of the 20th century, the United Kingdom, Europe, North and South America were the dominant markets for the company. Amongst other distribution arrangements, there was a Holland & Sherry warehouse in St. Petersburg, Russia – a successful market prior to the revolution and now being successfully renewed. By 1982 the business moved to Savile Row. Its head office is still on Savile Row



Established in 1842 Dormeuil has continuously led the way for suit fabric innovation into the 21st century.
Most recently, Dormeuil started utilising blockchain technology, allowing wool fabrics to be traced back to origins in Patagonia where the sheep live a life of luxury in the south American Mountains. 

Dormeuil has continuously been leading the globe in suit trends for the best part of two centuries. Partnering with France’s best golfer ever, Arnaud Massy, (the first non-English golfer to win the British Open championship). He wore a specialty Sportex range suit, a comfortable flannel that allows for ease of movement. Over 100 years on, this range is available in store at Rodger Bartholomew

Learn more about Dormeuil Cloth in a recent blog post we published titled “Everything you need to know about Dormeuil Fabrics

Lapel options for your custom made suit