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Shoes are a crucial component of a person’s clothing today. Individuals too often judge a man based on the type of shoes that he wears. This makes selection of shoes even  more of problem. 

The main function of shoes is to provide cushion to the feet and safeguard them for injuries. Nevertheless, when one is in the office or at a formal function, shoes need to have a degree of classic elegance.

Some individuals actually believe that it is enough to be wearing quality clothing and shoes are the last thing that anybody would be  looking at. You can see it at any wedding reception, theres always at least a couple of lads wearing brand new suits (jacket vents still stitched), and Nike TNs or work safety boots on their feet.

However, shoes are as crucial as any other part of your clothing. Irrespective of how excellent or appealing your clothes are, using worn-out or broken shoes can easily ruin your look. This has actually been the primary reason that shoes have also become a style symbol in contemporary fashion. Shoes are found today in different colours,  textures and designs, and some are made from evolutionary materials. and technology.

Style can not and should not replace convenience as the very first concern while buying your shoes. Shoes are supposed to offer comfort to your legs. If they do not fit and make you feel anxious, there is no purpose in wearing trendy shoes. The shoes need to be selected depending on the individual’s foot characteristics like:  pronators, supinators or extremely high arches.

When purchasing shoes they should make you comfortable and be pleasing to the eye at the same time, the primary concept. When you have actually picked up a great looking shoe set, see if it pleases two conditions– it must match the person’s foot type and the exercise or activity he plans to take part in while wearing the shoe. For example, movement managed shoes can help in limiting the flat-footed individual’s inclination and offers higher control. In case the individual has foot conditions like pronation or supination, it is necessary for the shoe to offer the best cushioning and assistance. Light-weight shoes would be ideal for acrobats or professional runners.

In order to check out the different styles of shoes, check out a regional shoe shop or a shopping mall. Speaking with the sales assistant will offer you an idea of what brands and shoe styles make you feel comfortable, match your foot type and are at the right price. You can then select a great looking pair from those that appeal, or…

Get serious and invest in a pair of quality mens shoes that look and feel incredible and, if treated well, will very likely still be providing you with sartorial swagger in twenty years time.

You see, quality men’s shoes just like classic menswear, can deliver a super sustainable ROI. 

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Loake 1880 Premium Collection

The premium range emulates the way the company first manufactured its fine, handmade shoes more than 130 years ago.

Traditional cobbler made shoemaking techniques with the highest quality materials. Loake1880 shoes with their traditional Goodyear Welt are available in Brogues, Oxfords or Double Monkstraps and more. Loake 1880s are made in the Loake Shoemakers Northamptonshire factory in the UK. 

Rodger Bartholomew are proud to be your Loake Shoemakers authorised stockist in Canberra, Australia.

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Unboxing a pair of Loake 1880 Brogues

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